Bolivian Independence Day is August 6th. The week leading up to “Bolivia Day,” as it is called here, will see people starting to pull out their Bolivian flags. There are many people that will put up a booth on street corners to sell all things Bolivian: flags, small and large, different shapes, for the car or for the house. They hang flags from their windows and decorate their cars, and have many school activities to celebrate. You can see the pride everyone has for their country as they celebrate their freedom.

However, most Bolivians are not spiritually free. They are still trapped in a good works religion. They believe that if they are good enough, do the right things, pay enough money, and pray to the Virgin Mary, that they are okay and will get into heaven when they die. There is a need for more laborers in Bolivia to help start more churches. How can you be a part in sharing the Gospel with the Bolivians that are still not spiritually free?